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Quality Criteria for Online Course

Works on criteria

The Association of Academic E-learning in Poland (AAE) since the beginning of its activity realizes projects which refer to high quality education with the use of ICT. In November 2006 AAE decided to begin works on quality standards and brought into existence a team, which aim was to work out the methodology of developing them. The team recommendation was to start with quality criteria and in the beginning of 2007 AAE launched a project called "Quality Criteria for Online Course".

The project was realized in few stages. During first one there were defined the key areas in which online course should be assessed. This was made in first quarter of 2007 by a team of AAE members who also worked out the main rules for developing the quality criteria. In order to use the wide spectrum of AAE members' experience in e-learning it was decided that the criteria in each area would be developed by separate group of members. Following this decision four groups were created to define criteria in four assessment areas: course development, course organization, course realization and course evaluation. The groups worked from June to December 2007 and a draft set of quality criteria for online course was the result of their activity.
This draft set was the basis for the works of quality criteria development coordinating team which was active until June 2008. The main task for coordinating team was to convert draft set of criteria into their beta release. It worked on the criteria conception and their composition. The spectrum of the activities included: defining the correlations between assessment areas, eliminating reiterations, specifying each criterion and inspecting if draft set of criteria includes all important elements in every assessment area.

The next stage were internal pilot tests and consultations within AAE. The beta set of criteria was tested by the members of AAE from July to September 2008. Courses developed in different institutions (university, technical, pedagogy and economy higher education institutions, non-educational institution) were tested. The pilot tests process included:
  • test of criteria by applying them to a specific course,
  • assessment of criteria in the form of individual comments,
  • filling in questionnaire which was designed to assess the beta release of criteria
and allowed to get feedback information which were used for further improvement of the criteria. The additional effect of the pilot tests was the verification of electronic questionnaire with the criteria - the tool which may be applied for the quality assessment of any online course with the use of AAE criteria.
After the pilot tests and consultation the first official release of AAE quality criteria for online course was defined. This release is open for the public since 26 October 2008 and the use of electronic questionnaire is free of charge.

The coordinating team included following AAE members:
  • Marcin Dąbrowski,
  • Ewa Lubina,
  • Jerzy M. Mischke,
  • Anna K. Stanisławska-Mischke,
  • Maria Zając,
  • Wojciech Zieliński.
Additionally the following AAE members were involved in development the draft set of criteria:
Piotr Bołtuć, Adam Chmielewski, Anna Grabowska, Sławomir Gurdała, Sebastian Komorowski, Waldemar Krawiec, Tomasz Królikowski, Olga Łodyga, Zbigniew Mikurenda, Małgorzata Miranowicz, Adam Pawełczak, Grażyna Penkowska, Magdalena Ratalewska, Lesław Sieniawski, Agnieszka Sitarska-Piwko, Joanna Sitkowska, Przemysław Stencel, Andrzej Syguła, Tomasz Walasek, Wiesław Zawisza, Zbigniew Zieliński.

The Association of Academic E-learning is active in promotion and development of e-learning in higher education. As its members are the best experts researching or practicing e-learning, AAE focuses on: increasing quality of distance education with the use of ICT, development of accreditation procedures and standards, promoting good practices, and actively influencing on changes in higher education paradigm forced by ideas and technologies of information society.
Quality criteria for Online course
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