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Association of Academic E-learning - Tasks and Goals

E-learning has been successfully developing at Polish academic institutions for many years now. Despite no system solutions or legislative support a great number of educational centers in Poland have already taken their first steps in the field of e-learning. There is no need to convince anybody of the value and advantages of e-learning, which considerably enriches traditional forms of education. The role of e-education has been gaining importance both as a complementary form of education and in organising university courses or even whole studies. E-learning is becoming an inseparable element of the education process and virtualization of higher education.

All this proves that we are entering a stage of full development of e-learning in Poland. It is the stage at which we are going to not only share our experience during conferences or seminars but also, by working together, create some patterns of good e-learning practice and propagate them, thus contributing to the development of e-learning in Poland.

The Association of Academic E-learning was registered in the National Court Register (KRS) in September 2006.

The goals of the AAE are:

  • to participate in the process of raising the level of education of Polish society and the development of the idea of an information society;
  • to promote and develop e-learning in academic communities, public administration and economy;
  • to promote high quality education standards with the use of Information and Communication Technology;
  • to participate in activities aimed at the virtualization of didactic and organizational processes in higher education;
  • to support scientific and organizational cooperation between institutions involved in online teaching;
  • to inspire and enhance bonds between science and economic practice.

The goals will be reached by means of such activities as:

  • developing standard curricula which will include the use of ICT in education;
  • developing models of e-learning implementation in academic education;
  • developing standards of Internet-based teaching and organizing the process of accreditation and certification;
  • promoting good practices in creating teaching materials and conducting online classes;
  • building a platform of cooperation for e-learning practitioners;
  • organizing conferences and seminars;
  • acting in the fields of e-learning popularization, information and publishing;
  • monitoring and reviewing research and educational offers in the field of e-learning;
  • organizing and financing competitions for the best research projects in the field of e-learning;
  • organizing scientific and didactic exchange of experience between institutions offering Internet-based education
  • organizing and supporting national and international research on e-learning;
  • setting ranking lists in the field of e-learning;
  • cooperating with public institutions, non-governmental organizations and others whose activities are within the scope of the Association's goals as well as cooperating with institutions and persons interested in the Association's goals both at home and abroad.
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